Sasakawa Health Prize 2012


Bandung is always a historic city, and for SDF, which grows in this particular city, becoming the highlight in Southeast Asia is something very important. It is not a coincidence if SDF is the motor to spread the understanding and awareness to help others. The actions that made The Sun recognized as organization which motivate and mobilize people to be involved in running these social activities are put in an inscription.  The same way, when The Sun walks into international society, Indonesia is therefore also well known. But furthermore, the award is not merely a trophy, the Sun will only commit, Care for Lupus, your caring saves lives!, “Care for Low vision , sharing and caring, “Never give up“, we do not break and never give up easily.

Sasakawa Health Prize is a milestone for SDF’s hard work. To address the hard work everyone has achieved as a team.  Especially when running various educations, socialization, counseling and research programs which aim to save life and improve life quality of odapus. All these programs started ten years ago when SDF took the first step.

Sasakawa Health Prize is the product of serious efforts. It is the time when feeling grateful has more meaning beyond it. Never stops to give meaning stay productive and always be benevolent. History will not be precious if it is kept in a golden box as ornament. History itself is very precious; it is the legacy of struggle and proof that needed to be continued by next generation.


Speech for WHO’s Sasakawa Health Prize 2012

Disthinguished delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We thank the Sasakawa Foundation and the World Health Organisation for their appreciation towards our endeavour in Indonesia.

For us, being part of millions of people worldwide who have lost their prime health and eye sight have taught us amazing life lessons. Indeed, having good health and being able to see are two indispensable, invaluable aspects of life. They cannot be substituted with anything else. We didn’t realize this truth when we still had them and took them for granted.

Limitations are part of life, and they exist in every country in the world. What we can do is to keep burning our zeal to survive and to thrive, and our efforts to reach the goals. Even if we have to lose to a disease, we shall concede defeat with honor because we will have done our best with all of our strength. 

As Hillary Rodham Clinton said once “I can accept losing. I cannot accept quitting.” 

Every gesture, every action of care from one person to another will be a source of encouragement and power to strive together in doing our best.

Never give up!

Care for Lupus , your caring saves lives

Dian Syarief – Syamsi Dhuha Foundation, Indonesia

May 25, 2012 Posted under Health and Labour Issues 


Goodwill for Indonesia has echoed in the United Nations Assembly Hall  in Geneva when Syamsi Dhuha Foundation/SDF was awarded the Sasakawa Health Prize 2012 by the President of WHA’s 65th Assembly , Prof. Therese N’Dri Yoman in the presence of World Health Organization’s Director General  Dr. Margaret Chan on 24 May 2012. Syamsi Dhuha Foundation was chosen to receive Sasakawa Health Prize 2012 as a form of appreciation and respect towards a Foundation that has shown ongoing commitment in trailblazing various innovation and activities that increase Government and community’s awareness towards the management of Lupus in the country.

The member countries’ delegates WHO attending the award ceremony seemed to be moved at hearts when the Founder and Chairperson of the Foundation, Ms. Dian Syarief made an acceptance speech in English from the podium of the UN Assembly Hall. Her speech revealed an inspirational message, that the efforts made by Lupus patient to survive and thrive amidst the impacts caused by the ailment have been tough challenges, but the difficulties have made the patients to be more thankful about life. Sasakawa Awards have been presented since 1984, as an initiative of Mr.  Ryoichi Sasakawa from Japan, to organisations, individuals, non-government organisation and other groups that have developed innovation in the advancement of health. Previous individuals and organisations from Indonesia that had received the award include the Community Welfare Development organisation (PKK) in 1988 and Dr. Handojo Tjandrakusuma in 1992.

The Indonesian Delegate for the UN and Other International Organisations in Geneva, the Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani, who was present and specially congratulated the co-founders of the Foundation Ms. Dian Syarief dan Mr. Eko Pratomo, expressed her appreciation towards the Syamsi Dhuha Foundation achievements – notably a form of contribution towards humanity and Indonesia’s goodwill. The honorable achievements by Dian and Eko through their Foundation have helped Indonesia’s humanitarian diplomatic initiatives in an international forum.

Established in 2003, SDF has been instrumental in advancing the management of Lupus through the  Care for Lupus programsupport for Lupus patients (“Odapus”), the creation of Care for Low vision program, and other community support initiatives such as medical and health facility support, educational programs, inter-religion understanding activities, and charity fundraising for the poor.  

The 65th World Health Assembly also awarded a range of other health prizes to individuals and organisations from the Philippines, Turkey, New Zealand ,  China, dan Sudan.

Geneva, 24 May 2012