Kids Club Goes to Tahura

Kids Club Goes to Tahura


There was something new and exciting with Kids Club on Sunday morning, 25th November 2018. It took place at Taman Hutan Raya Bandung, and we had guests, Professor Irwanto, Ph.D., Psychology Professor from Atma Jaya University – Jakarta with his college students from postgraduate and doctoral program, whom also accompanied the children having lupus and low vision and their parents. The event started with a leisure stroll, while enjoying the fresh air with all the beauty of God’s creation. It followed by singing and yells full of enthusiasm. The occasion also filled with light exercise, to flex the participants leg muscles and keep up the spirit.


The activities were divided into two groups, there were children group and parents group. Children group had to create an art which would be presented as a sign of love for each of their parents. Meanwhile the parents group were given freedom to open up about their problems and feelings known as BAPER session with DPLV, Doctor Ine Renata Musa, SpM, and Psychological Team from UAJ. The BAPER session was closed with Professor Irwanto shared his experience and motivation to the parents, to not give up under any circumstances, and they needed to accompany their children despite the midst of limited conditions.


The closing session is accompanied by the song “You are My Sunshine”, the sign of love was given by the children to their parents. There were many participants who shed some tears, as a mixture of pleasure, gratitude, emotion, pride, and many other feelings. It closed with lunch and photo session together as a marker of activities ending.


See you in the next Kids Club activity J


Kids Club Slogan… I’m Healthy … I’m Strong … I’m Great …yeaaahhh (AA)

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