Financial Wisdom & Health Secret


Dear friends,

Last Saturday, Syamsi Dhuha Fondation (SDF) held a new event. For the first time, SDF held a training called “Financial Wisdom & Health Secret”. Participants filled SDF multifunction room came from different age, profession and educational background…. But they all came with the same purpose and objective: To develop new Wisdom and Awareness.


We have heard about how IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) affect our efforts in reaching success in life, and during yesterday’s training, other types of intelligence are required in life : They are PQ (Physical Quotient), FQ (Financial Quotient) and SocQ (Social Quotient).


Physical intelligence relates to the awareness to the importance how to maintain our body’s health through healthy life styles in order to attain convenient and prosperous life.


We worked hard through different levels of school with the target to have ability to earn a living, but too bad it was still lack of knowledge how to manage the income. Financial intelligence relates to the awareness in managing personal and family finance wisely to form a habitual life style that is in line with financial power and ability to invest for prosperous future.


The above activities, were supported by a  nonprofit foundation and volunteers as organizer in a social fund raising event to awaken the consciousness about Social intelligence which will empower them to have more empathy and caring for those in need.


What a wonderful event for meaningful networking. Sharing knowledge will eventually develop new awareness and the spirit to be involved in actions for change into a better and orderly life.

“Alhamdulillah I have gained lots of knowledge from this training, explaining the complicated into simple matter, opening my eyes about investment and future projections. Very useful life lessons”. (Kisdiantoro, one of participants)*

Financial Wisdom, smart way to happiness.