Wanita Inspiratif Pilihan Wardah Cosmetis 2015


Dear friends,

Towards the celebration of Kartini Day, last week April 17, in the middle of the grand Senayan City Jakarta, I felt myself so small. Why wouldn’t I… that evening, I was among modern day Kartinis with their various extraordinary works, as the result from: Earnestness, Perseverance, Creativity & Hardwork. Man jadda wa jadda (Earnestness will result in success) resonate in my mind: earnestness will bring success to people….


First example is Ibu Nurhayati Subakat, Founder & CEO of Wardah Cosmetics. A pioneer of cosmetics business since 20 years ago, in line with her education background. Alumni of the faculty of Pharmacy ITB ’71, she wanted to produce cosmetics by using halal ingredients, although her good intention to sell good products were not easy in the beginning. Bu Nur admitted that it was quite difficult to market her products labelled Putri (for beauty salon) &  Wardah (for treatment & decorative). Bu Nur did not even think that her cosmetics products, Wardah, can become local cosmetics’ market leader  “I always add the 4P formula: Product, Pricing, Positioning, Promotion with 1 additional P, that is: Pertolongan Allah (Help from Allah)”, explained Bu Nur whose commitment, resilience & hardwork has lead her to success. Similar achievements are also reached by other Kartinis such as : Elly Risman (parenting expert), Tri Mumpuni (initiator of electricity for villages), Mira Lesmana (film producer), Najwa Shihab (presenter) & others.


My heart flourish with happiness realizing how God’s love touches everyone who tries hard to make the best of their life. His helping hands present endlessly for those who never give up on His grace. Kartini of modern day…. create your Masterpiece! Everything starts with: Earnestness, Perseverance, Creativitys & Hardwork. Don’t forget to pray and ask help from The Almighty. Because when we have dreams & along with The Almighty’s willing, the dreams will become: His Will. In God’s willing, anywhere we are, whatever we do, we all be the ones He expected us to be & devote our obedience in the form of true masterpiece …. Love you! (DSP)